To Do

CD - Canvas Draw

To Do


  • A new SVG driver.
  • libEMF in UNIX.


  • Build a native Mac OS X driver using Quartz 2D.
  • Macintosh Picture (PICT) file.


  • Xp: X Printer Extension driver
  • XRender Extension ?
  • XShm: Double Buffering and MIT-Shared Memory extensions for server images ?
  • XIE: X Imaging Extensions ?
  • Use XShapeCombineMask to implement "WINDOWRGN" attribute.


  • Implement line styles, line cap and line join for line with > 1.
  • Improve Sector and Bezier rasterization.


  • Allow functions cdPutImageMap... to be implemented using indexed color space.
  • Check the possibility of cdHatch and cdStipple, which are always opaque, having transparency, using shading from PS Version 3 or mask images. Same for cdPutImageRGBA.

Not likely to be updated anymore, although they are still supported.


  • Implement Arch and Sector functions as DXF primitives, and not as polygons. Update all other primitives according to the new DXF manual, as there are several limitations in the current implementation.


  • Make cdPlay treat the possibility of xmax and ymax being 0.
  • Check the possibility of implementing function cdTextOrientation.
  • Implement World Coordinate functions directly in the driver.
  • Correct the cdPlay function, which is generating several extra lines.
  • Correct the cdPlay function, which should not preserve the aspect ratio.
  • Allow cdPutImageRGBA to be partially implemented using transparent cell color.


  • Improve the driver using the DGNlib third party library.
  • Implement the interior style attributes: hatch, stipple and pattern. They depend on the new DGN specification, which we do not have yet.
  • Check the possibility of implementing functions cdTextOrientation and cdRect.
  • Correct function cdKillCanvas, which generates "assertion failed" when the library is used with debug information and the Seed file is not included.