COM Port Selection

The BlueCore Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Wizard

COM Port Selection
If you selected the COM port (RS-232) option then the wizard will display a list of all suitable COM ports that could be found.

This page also allows the baud rate and protocol (BCSP or H4) to be selected. Do not worry if these terms are unfamiliar to you; the wizard can usually determine these settings itself, so leave the Automatically detect communications settings option checked. Setting these options incorrectly will not result in any damage, but it will prevent the wizard from communicating with the device to be upgraded.

Select the COM port that you wish to use and then click on the Next > button to progress to the next page.

If the COM port that you wish to use is not displayed then ensure that the computer is properly configured, and close any other programs that may be using it. Then click on the < Back button followed by the Next > button to update the list of ports.

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