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ClassCollection Class Reference

#include <mgClassCollection.h>

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Detailed Description

Concrete class defining a collection of FDO class definitions with overrides in the physical schema.

Definition at line 29 of file mgClassCollection.h.

Public Member Functions

System::Int32 Add (NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *value)
 Adds a ClassDefinition object into the collection.
 ClassCollection (NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_COMMANDS_SCHEMA::PhysicalElementMapping *parent)
 ClassCollection ()
 Constructs a new empty collection of Raster Band Definition.
System::Void Clear ()
 Removes all elements from the collection.
System::Boolean Contains (System::String *name)
System::Boolean Contains (NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *value)
 Determines whether the collection contains a specific ClassDefinition object.
System::Void CopyTo (NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *array[], System::Int32 size)
 Copies the elements of the collection to an array.
__property System::Int32 get_Count (System::Void)
 Gets the count of items in collection.
__property NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition * get_Item (System::Int32 index)
__property NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition * get_RealTypeItem (System::Int32 index)
 Gets or sets a ClassDefinition in the collection.
__sealed System::Collections::IEnumerator * GetEnumerator (System::Void)
 Gets an enumerator that can iterate through a collection.
System::Int32 IndexOf (System::String *name)
System::Int32 IndexOf (NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *value)
 Determines the index of a specific ClassDefinition object.
System::Void Insert (System::Int32 index, NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *value)
 Inserts a ClassDefinition object into the collection at the specified position.
System::Void Remove (NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *value)
 Removes the first occurrence of a specific ClassDefinition object.
System::Void RemoveAt (System::Int32 index)
 Removes the index-th ClassDefinition from this collection.
__property System::Void set_Item (System::Int32 index, NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *value)
__property System::Void set_RealTypeItem (System::Int32 index, NAMESPACE_OSGEO_FDO_PROVIDERS_SHP_OVERRIDE::ClassDefinition *value)

Protected Member Functions

__sealed System::Void ReleaseUnmanagedObject ()


class  Enumerator
 nested class defined to provide Enumerator.

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