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Parts List plug-in allows the user to create parts list for 3D data.

To view the Parts List, select File > Export > Parts List

This displays the Parts List panel for the current .3D file.

Note: A parts list is generated only for 3D documents. An active 3D workspace is required to initiate the Parts List plugin. If a 2D drawing or image document is active, the Parts List plug-in is disabled.

This displays the parts list in the view point on the right pane and Assembly Tree on the left pane of the WorkSpace component.

Tool Bar

Running across the top of the application window is the tool bar.

  • File icon: Allows the parts list to be printed, to view a print preview, to save the content to a tab delimited file or close the plug-in. These options are also available at the bottom of the panel.
  • Book icon: Displays the SpinFire Reader.

Parts List Preview Section

Displays the preview of Flat Single-Level view of all the parts or Multi-Level view of the subassemblies/subparts.

  • Number: Displays the serial number of the parts available in the file.
  • Name: Displays the name of the part/ assembly
  • Quantity: Displays the quantity.

Specify Content

Specify Content supports two options:

  • Flat Single-Level: Displays the total count of parts and quantities at the selected level of Assembly, sub-Assembly or multiple sub-assemblies. For ex: If any part is repeated more than once in the file, then the parts list displays the total count in the Assembly Tree. (By default the application selects Flat Single-Level)
  • Multi-Level: Displays the detailed list like parts, quantities and hierarchical relationship that may exist within selected Assembly, sub-Assembly or multiple sub-assemblies. The parts list clearly shows relationship between Assembly, its sub-assemblies and the constituent components with proper indentation. For ex., if a part is available in two subassemblies then the parts list displays twice with a count 1 for each instance.

When Do Not Include Hidden Parts is selected, the parts list is created only for the checked Assemblies/ Subassemblies/ Parts in the Assembly Tree in the Parts List panel.


Shows or hides the Assembly Tree on the left side of the pane. The assembly tree is hidden by default.

Assembly Tree allows the user to define which Assembly, Subassembly and parts are included in the parts list.

CNTL allows the selection and deselection of individual components in the tree.

SHIFT allows the user to select a range of components.

When selected , displays the Assembly Tree structure on the left pane.

When selected , the Assembly Tree structure is hidden.

Once the selection is complete, select

  • Print: Prints the Parts List for the current file.
  • Preview: Can view the print preview of the Parts List for the current file before printing.
  • Save: Saves the Parts List for the current file in the selected path.
  • Close: Closes the Parts List panel.

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