Select Parts

Actify SF Pro APID

Select Parts

By default, the system selects the All parts option.

  • Select All parts option to create markup for all the parts.
  • Select All Subassemblies option to create mark up for all the subassemblies in the tree.
  • Select Select Part(s)/ Subassembly(ies) option to create mark up for single part(s)/ subassembly(ies). An assembly panel appears on the right side of the plug-in panel.

    The assembly tree is used to select the part(s) or sub assembly(ies) to apply markup.

    For example once markups are created for the complete assembly, if a new part is added to the assembly, the user can create markup for the new part only. Instead of creating duplicate markups for all components, select the new part from the assembly tree to create markup for the new part only. This option allows markup to be created for individual or groups of components.

    To select multiple parts/ sub assemblies from the tree use the Shift or Ctrl keys.

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