ANALOG_IO: Overview




The ANALOG_IO APP provides the following features:

  1. Analog IO port pins.
  2. Connection of port pin to other peripherals (using the DAVEā„¢ HW Signal Connections).
Figure 1 : Overview of the ANALOG_IO APP

The above figure shows the functional overview of the ANALOG_IO APP. The Analog port does not have output path and alternate outputs to connect other peripherals. Instead, ADC input and DAC output is connected to pin via PAD. Though Digital input path is available in Analog ports,the ANALOG_IO is designed in such way that, it consumes only analog pad. Therefore this APP is applicable only for analog port pin consumption. For Digital input requirements DIGITAL_IO APP shall be used.

As shown in above figure, red color box indicates that APP does not configure any of the hardware registers.Green color box indicates that APP reserves analog input/output path.

This APP does not provide GUI configuration or APIs. It allows to select analog port pins.

Supported Devices
The APP supports below devices:

  1. XMC4800 / XMC4700 Series
  2. XMC4500 Series
  3. XMC4400 Series
  4. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Series
  5. XMC1400 Series
  6. XMC1300 Series
  7. XMC1200 Series
  8. XMC1100 Series


  1. XMC4800 / XMC4700 Reference Manual
  2. XMC4500 Reference Manual
  3. XMC4400 Reference Manual
  4. XMC4200 / XMC4100 Reference Manual
  5. XMC1400 Reference Manual
  6. XMC1300 Reference Manual
  7. XMC1200 Reference Manual
  8. XMC1100 Reference Manual