Active Directory Explorer


AD Explorer has rich search functionality that allows you to search a selected object container for objects that have a specific attribute value or combination of attribute values and to save common search definitions.

The Search Dialog

Open the search dialog by choosing the Search Container entry from the Search menu. If you want to narrow a search to a specific container's child objects, highlight the container object in the object tree and then chose Search Container from the object's context menu.

To add a search criteria, specify the attribute for which you wish to search, and optionally, the attribute's value. Then click Add. To remove a search criteria, select it from the list and click Remove.

After specifying the search criteria, press the Search button. The results pane will populate with the paths to objects that match and you can navigate to an object by double-clicking it or selecting it and pressing the Enter key.

Saving Searches

To save a search criteria, click Save. The name you assign the search will appear in the Search menu. You can rename or delete a saved search from the context menu that appears when you right-click on the saved search entry in the Search menu.