Quick Start

WorldTime 2003 1.0

Quick start

  1. To get you familiar with the program in no time at all, please note the following:
  2. Ensure that your time zone is correctly set up. This step is essential to WorldTime2003 running correctly. Do this by choosing Date/Time in the control panel and check your time zone. Most problems with this program have been from the incorrect time zone set in the control panel. 
  3. To add a location to the screen, press Edit the Display button. Press Add and select the desired location from the list of locations. To specify this member as a person ( rather than a location ), make sure No personal details for this location is unchecked. Press OK, and the location or person should now appear on the display. If you are using a skin that contains an options or preferences button instead, choose that and pick Display from the options panel. If a skin contains neither a display or an options button, right click the WorldTime2003 icon in the system tray, and choose Options Panel.
  4. Note: There are 2 sets of lists. One is the locations database.. This is the database of all the location data and their time information. The locations database list is NOT displayed, This data is available for editing, but should seldom require it. The other list is the display list. This is the list of locations that are displayed on the screen. This derives its time information from the locations database. The display list can contain personal information about the person at that location if you choose to display that information.

Note: Use the default skin when going through the quick start.

See the Using WorldTime2003 section for more details