Wizard's Castle


There are numerous vendors located around the castle.   hmmm... must be alot of adventurers wandering through, to support so many stores.  Don't you wonder why you never see any of them??  In any case, when you encounter a vendor, you have two choices: Trade with him/her, or Attack the greedy cuss!!

If you choose to attack him, you will face the toughest fight of your suddenly short life.  See the combat topic for more discussion on this process.  On the other hand, if you manage to survive the encounter, you'll be able to select the best items from the remains of his shop.  I probably don't need to mention this, but all other vendors will attack you on sight after this, unless you can figure out some way to appease them.

If you choose to trade, you will get transported to his hidden shop, which looks like this:

Any gems which are in your possession will show up with a random price based on the gem's reference value.  The reference value (which you will never see) is the price the vendor gets when he sells a gem to the Hasidim gemologists back in town.  Select the gem(s) and click on Sell Gems to... ummm... sell gems!!

Your current available gold is shown here, as well as the available options of weapons, armour and attributes.  Objects may be unavailable if you have insufficient funds, or if you already have superior equipment - the thoughtful vendor *really* doesn't want to lose sleep at night, thinking you wasted money on something you couldn't use.

Note that the vendors are somewhat sensitive about their honour; if you leave the shop without buying or selling anything, none of the local vendors will let you into their shops for awhile... they don't seem to have much patience with window-shoppers.

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