Wizard's Castle



There are three curses in this game:

  • Curse of the Leech

Causes a few gold pieces to evaporate into the air each round.  I sure hope they aren't literally evaporating into the air, that's *gotta* be bad for the lungs...

  • Curse of Forgetfulness

Causes previously-identified rooms to become unknown again on the explorer's map.  Not really harmful, but certainly disconcerting.

  • Curse of Lethargy

You know, I used to know what this did, but I got tired of keeping track of it and have since forgotten.  I wonder if that was caused by the Curse of Forgetfulness, also??

The Point of all This (spoilers)

There comes a time in every man's life,

when a yen is only Japanese money.

___          Ancient Asian Prophecy    ___ ___

There comes a time in every explorer's life when they get tired of wandering around the dungeon, and wish to get on with becoming rich and famous.  While *real* adventurers will figure out everything out on their own, I realize that some people will prefer to have some hints on how to proceed.  After consulting with the Usenet Oracle, I have chosen to put some hints here.

  • How do I find the Orb of Zot??

It's stored in an InterDimensional Spacial Interstice, also known as a hidden place.  You'll have to teleport to it.

  • Hmmm... I tried to teleport.  Gosh, this is a rude program!!

Oh, yeah.  You need to have a particular object in your possession before you can teleport.  Sorry, forgot to mention that.  It's probably on a monster somewhere.

  • Okay, I think I have that object, but where do I teleport to??

Well, that's a good question... sounds like a job for a Crystal Ball, or some such object.

  • Finally!!  I have the Orb of Zot!!  Now, how do I get out of here??  The Entrance is blocked.

A drink may help you think. 

ummm... watch your skill points...

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