Starting Out

Wizard's Castle

Starting Out

The game starts with an introductory screen which tells a brief history of this ancient archaeological site, among other things (see the Introduction section of this help file to see the introductory screen).  Once you have read it, you can choose how to start the game.  If you choose S, you will be sent to the character-creation screen, where you can build your character.  If you choose D, as the description suggests, you will bypass the character screen and start the game with some derelict.

After choosing S to create your own character, you will be taken to Jac Sabto's Training Center, which looks like this:

Most options are self-explanatory, hopefully.  The + and - buttons next to attribute boxes allow you to add/subtract points for the selected attribute.  You normally would want to assign all the free points to attributes, but Jac won't force you to.  Any free points or gold left over when you leave this center, will be lost.

The Eternal Lamp is not a necessary item, but it is strongly recommended for beginners; the game is much more difficult without it!!  The vendors in the game do not sell lamps, though there is rumor that there is some way to obtain one later in the game.

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