UDP Tools

IP Tools Snifer (Erwan L)



  1. MSSQL Ping

Will send a UDP frame on port 1434 and retrieve basic informations on the remote MS SQL Server.


  1. NTP Client

Will retrieve time via Network Time Protocol (UDP 123).


  1. SNMP Ping

Will detect online host(s) running a SNMP Server and retrieve Sysinformation field.


  1. SSDP Ping

Will detect online host running a SSDP server. (UDP 1900).


  1. Syslog Client / Server

Basic syslog client and server. (UDP 514).


  1. Time Client / Server

Basic time client and server. (UDP 37).


  1. DayTime Client / Server

Basic time client and server. (UDP 13).


  1. TFTP Server

Trivial FTP server with TSIZE option support. (UDP 69).

Can be used in conjunction with the DHCP server to act as a PXE server.