Network Configuration

IP Tools Snifer (Erwan L)

Network Configuration



  1. NDIS Properties


This will retrieve information via NDIS OID’s.

You can also scan wireless networks and retrieve various informations.



  1. Interface Cards


This will retrieve information for the specified interface on the local computer via IPHLPAPI / GetInterfaceInfo.



  1. Network Adapters


This will retrieve adapter information for the local computer via IPHLPAPI / GetAdaptersInfo.



  1. Network Params


This will retrieve network parameters for the local computer via IPHLPAPI / GetNetworkParams.



  1. TCP IP parameters reg key


This will open regedit and open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\currentcontrolset\services\tcpip\parameters key.



  1. ADD IP


This will add an IP on your computer via IPHLPAPI / AddIPAddress.

This IP will disappear next time NIC is disabled/enabled.