Add a User Group

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Add a User Group

Create user groups for each type of employee (such as administrator, pharmacist, technician) so that you can add a user to a group and then define roles and security for that group.

To add a user group:

1.    Select Administration > Group.

2.    Select Add New on the User Group Search window to close the search window.

3.    In the Group Name field on the User Group window, type a name for the user group record.

Note: You link users to the group name via the User Group option on the User window.

4.    In the Group Description field, type a description of the user group.

5.    For each role you want to remove from the user group, highlight the role in the Selected Roles column and select Remove >. To remove all of the roles, select Remove All >>.

The system moves the selected role to the Available Roles column. To add a role back to the group, highlight the role in the Available Roles column and select < Add. To add all of the roles back to the group, select << Add All.

Note: For more information about each available role, see User Roles.

  1. Select Save.

The system saves the user group to your local system. In addition, the system saves the group to your corporate LDAP server so other stores in your chain can search for and select the group record.

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