Add a User Biometrics

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Add User Biometrics

Only administrative users and non-administrative users assigned the appropriate user role are authorized to add biometrics to a user record.

To add biometrics to a user record:

  1. Select Administration > User.

  2. For an existing user, enter the user's employee ID number in the Select by Employee ID Number field and chose Select. To add a new user, select Add New User. For more information, see Add User Record.
    : To allow a non-administrative user to add a user biometric ID to another user's record, assign the Add User Biometric ID and Admin Rebill user roles from the User Group field on the User window.

  3. Select Biometrics.

    The system displays the User Biometrics window.

  4. Have the user place his or her finger on the biometrics device.

    The system displays a preview of the fingerprint and prompts the user to lift and reapply the same finger four additional times.

  5. After the fifth time, enter your information in the Employee ID Number, User Login Code, and Password fields.

  6. Select OK.

The system displays the User window.

  1. Select Save.

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