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Error Messages with Substitutions

OIPA supports user defined error messages that contain substitutions. These substitutions can be math variables, fields or system values using prefixes, which display additional error details to the user.


The areas of the system that allow for user defined error messages are ValidateExpressions, PostAssignmentValidateExpressions, Calculate Segment rule messages and messages within Actions and Events.


If a message is configured in the ValidateExpressions or PostAssignmentValidateExpressions rule, then it will display when the lightning bolt icon is clicked on the Activity screen and the activity attempts to process. If a message is configured in a Calculate Segment rule, then it will display when the segment is added to the policy. If a message is configured in Actions and Events, it will display during the process of entering the activity information on the Add Activity screen.



A premium activity has a field for Premium Amount. There is also a plan minimum that is required to be paid or the premium is not allowed. A user has a Universal Life plan. The plan premium minimum is $5,000. A user attempts to enter a premium of $3,000. When the user tabs out of the field, OIPA displays a message saying, “The premium amount entered of $3000 is less than the $5000 minimum for this plan.”

Prototype Examples

  • An ErrorMessageWithSubstitutions transaction was configured to show how messages can be configured in Actions and Events. The new transaction demonstrates an Actions validation using Money, Text and Integer field values along with Currency, Text and Integer ScreenMath values in an <Actions> validation message. The validation will appear when field Money1 is less than field Money2. This will generate an error that uses the values from the fields and ScreenMath variables as substitutions. Navigate to Global Explorer | Transactions | ErrorMessageWithSubstitutions | ErrorMessageWithSubstitutions (Functional Prototype Plan).
  • A ValidateExpressions rule was attached to the ErrorMessageWithSubstitutions transaction. This rule demonstrates the use of field values along with multiple datatype math variables in the validation message. A message will automatically generate when the transaction is processed. It can be overridden, however, to allow the transaction to process. The message simply displays multiple data type field values and math variables. Navigate to Global Explorer | Transactions | ErrorMessageWithSubstitutions | ErrorMessageWithSubstitutions (Functional Prototype Plan) | Attached Rules | ValidateExpressions (ErrorMessageWithSubstitutions-Functional Prototype Plan).
  • A Calculate General rule was attached to the Base Coverage segment in the Functional Prototype Plan. This rule tests substitutions in the Validations section of the SegmentAmount field from the Base Coverage segment along with a currency code of ‘USD’. The error message will display the numeric field value from the SegmentAmount and a math variable text value of ‘USD’. Navigate to Global Explorer | Segments | Base Coverage | Base Coverage (Functional Prototype Plan) | Calculate Rule | Calculate General.



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