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Batch Processing Using AsFile

Batch processing is used to insert policy level activities and suspense. In OIPA, batch processing can be accomplished using AsFile.


Some additional configuration must be added to AsFile to allow an external application to pass batch information. The following section explains how AsFile is altered to prepare for batch processing.


Prepare for Batch Processing

To prepare for batch processing, you must make sure that the external application can send the FileRecieved Web Service the input XML with PolicyNumber and activity information for multiple policies.


The AsFile database table stores the user-configurable portion of the FileReceived Web Service. The table contains a separate record for each type of file OIPA has been configured to receive. One record in this table contains the XML data. A pre-extension can be written at the extension point FileReceived.StarProcessingFileReceived to alter the XML to add additional information like policyGuid, TransactionGuid, etc.


AsFile.XSLT can transform the input XML to AsXML with multiple AsActivity and AsActivityField tags to insert the relevant activities. The activities are picked up in cycle for processing.

These new activities cannot be linked to AsBatch and associated tables because those tables do not actually exist.

Resolve a Failure

In the event that a processing failure occurs, such as a network problem, a timeout or data error, all data is rolled back.


Timeout issues can be minimized by manipulating the timeout limit that is set in the application server. A typical default timeout is 180 seconds, but this can be increased if needed.


Data errors can be managed in the XSLT by conditionally adding the ValidationError tag to the AsXML. Since there is no UI screen for AsFile, the error message is sent back in the response XML.



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