FSetInfo (CIN Function)

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FSetInfo (CIN Function)

MgErr FSetInfo(path, infop);


Sets information for the specified file or directory. If an error occurs, no information changes.


Name Type Description
path Path Path of the file or directory for which you want to set information.
infop FInfoPtr Address of information FSetInfo sets for the file or directory.

FInfoPtr is a data structure that defines the attributes of a file or directory. The following code lists the file/directory information record, FInfoPtr.

typedef struct {
int32 type;* system specific file type-- 0 for directories */
int32 creator;* system specific file creator-- 0 for folders (on Mac only)*/
int32 permissions;* system specific file access rights */
int32 size;/* file size in bytes (data fork on Mac) or entries in directory*/
int32 rfSize;/* resource fork size (on Mac only) */
uint32 cdate;/* creation date: seconds since system reference time */
uint32 mdate;/* last modification date: seconds since system ref time */
Bool32folder;/* indicates whether path refers to a folder */
Bool32isInvisible;/* indicates whether file is visible in File Dialog (on Mac only)*/
Pointlocation;/* system specific desktop geographical location (on Mac only)*/
Str255owner;/* owner (in pascal string form) of file or folder */
Str255group;/* group (in pascal string form) of file or folder */
}FInfoRec, *FInfoPtr;

Return Value

MgErr, which can contain the following errors. If you receive errors from CIN functions, most error names correspond to LabVIEW error codes.

Value Corresponding Error Code or Description
noErrNo error.