Understanding the Interface

NI IMAQ White Balancing Utility

Understanding the Interface

Use the NI-IMAQ White Balancing Utility interface to interactively determine the correct gain settings and sensor pattern for your imaging setup. The proper settings are dependent upon the camera and lighting for a particular system.

You use the gain settings as parameters for the IMAQ Create Bayer LUT and IMAQ Bayer Color Decode VIs in LabVIEW, or for the imgCalculate BayerColorLut() and imgBayerColorDecode() functions in LabWindows/CVI. For information about these VIs and functions, refer to NI-IMAQ VI Reference Help or NI-IMAQ Function Reference Help.

  1. Image window—Displays the image being processed, allows you to zoom or select a region of interest, and displays cursor location and pixel RGB values.
  2. Utility tabs—Displays the Bayer Pattern, Gains, and Parameters tabs.
  3. Controls—Displays controls to acquire images, open an existing image, set the image bit depth, save an image, close the utility, and open this help file.

Bayer Pattern Tab

The Bayer Pattern tab displays the four possible variations of the Bayer encoding pattern. Use the radio buttons to select the correct pattern for your image. The correct settings may change if the top or left offset is modified.

Gains Tab

The Gains tab displays controls to adjust the image RGB gains and white level. Select a region of interest, set the white level, and click Auto Calculate Gains to calculate the gain values.

Parameters Tab

The Parameters tab displays the calculated RGB gain, bit depth values, and the Bayer encoding pattern for an image. Record the displayed values to use in your application with the imgBayerColorDecode and imgCalculateBayerColorLUT functions or IMAQ Create Bayer LUT and IMAQ Bayer Color Decode VIs.