Creating a Portion in Your Application's Registry Tree to Manage the Settings

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Creating a Portion in Your Application’s Registry Tree to Manage the Settings

To customize the Microsoft® Windows® Registry settings, you can create a Microsoft Jet portion in your application's registry tree to manage the settings for the Microsoft Jet database engine. The easiest way to accomplish this is to export the existing Microsoft Jet key and then import it into your application's tree with the Regedit.exe Export and Import commands. You can then alter the values in your new registry tree. If you have supplied any values in the Engines subfolder, Microsoft Jet loads those settings when the application starts. Any values not entered in your client application's registry tree are loaded from shadow settings.

For your application to load the appropriate portion of the Windows Registry key you must specify the location with the DAO INIPath property. Your application must set the INIPath property before executing any other DAO code. The scope of this setting is limited to your application and cannot be changed without restarting your application.

Note Although creating a Microsoft Jet portion in your application's registry is more flexible than overwriting the Microsoft Jet default entries, it requires that you maintain the registry tree. Every time changes are required in the default settings, you will need to edit the Registry.

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