General FAQ


Jnes User Manual
General FAQ

  • Where do I get games
    Downloading games (ROM images) is illegal, so it's rare that someone will provide you with an image of a game even if you own the physical media.
  • What's this about stereo sound?
    It sounds pretty decent, it's a small hack that separates the pulse channels, providing a small stereo effect
  • How does the palette option work? What palette does Jnes use?
    Jnes currently uses Matthew Conte's palette (available on the nesdev site) as the default palette, others have desired to use other palettes, you can load a palette from file, it must be 768 bytes in length, looks like this:

    struct {
    unsigned char r, g, b; /* 3 bytes */
    } palette[256];

    Only the first 64 entries are actually used, I didn't make up this format, it was sort of inherited.
  • What are the details about how to use Kaillera, what else should I know?
    Some things are not available during netplay, this is due to safety reasons. Generally netplay is an interesting thing to pull off in an emulator, Jnes tries to do the best it can by providing a relatively risk-free environment for the user, but it's far from perfect.
  • Will Jnes be available for other platforms?
    There is no plans to port Jnes another platform. Things like
    Wine should allow you to use Jnes under a linux environment however.