Gens KMod


What is Gens ?

Gens is a very good Sega Genesis/Megadrive, SegaCD/MegaCD, 32X emulator by Stef.

Stef made it open source some years ago.

What is KMod ?

A mod of the original Gens source code to add development/debugging/hacking features.

It is a replacement to very useful but buggy Genecyst features.

What is NOT KMod ?

KMod is NOT a new emulator, I used Gens engine.

To be honest it's even worst than original Gens because it slows down it.

Who is behind KMod ?

My nickname is Kaneda, sometimes KanedaFr.

I'm making some development on Sega Megadrive/Genesis since '98.

Some of my known demos/games are Ooga Booga and Old Skill.

I also made a lot of tech demos and tools.

Copyright ©2007 Kaneda

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