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Set an event property by index. 

C++ Syntax

FMOD_RESULT Event::setPropertyByIndex(
  int  propertyindex, 
  void *  value, 
  bool  this_instance

C Syntax

FMOD_RESULT FMOD_Event_SetPropertyByIndex(
  FMOD_EVENT *  event,
  int  propertyindex, 
  void *  value, 
  FMOD_BOOL  this_instance



Index of the property to set. See FMOD_EVENT_PROPERTY for details.


Pointer to the new value for this event property.


If TRUE then set the per-instance property value, if FALSE then set the property value of all event instances and also the parent (FMOD_EVENT_INFOONLY) event.


Return Values

If the function succeeds then the return value is FMOD_OK.
If the function fails then the return value will be one of the values defined in the FMOD_RESULT enumeration.



A parent, or FMOD_EVENT_INFOONLY, event is the prototype that all its event instances are based on. An event instance obtained by using any of the getEventXXX functions will be initialized with the current property values of its parent event. After an event instance is obtained, its property values may be modified using Event::setProperty and Event::setPropertyByIndex so that they differ from their parent event's properties. Use the 'this_instance' parameter to specify whether to set the property value of all event instances and also the parent event or just the specific event instance.

To access user properties by index, add FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_USER_BASE to propertyindex e.g. to set user property 2, set propertyindex to FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_USER_BASE + 2.


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