Getting Started with the ACT! LDK


Getting Started with the ACT! LDK

The ACT! Localization Development Kit contains all of the resources and tools you need to create a localized ACT! build.  The LDK contains:

  • ACT! Application Translation Toolkits (TTKs)

  • ACT! Database TTK

  • ACT! supplemental files

  • LDK configuration profile (.ldk file)

  • LDK Process Manager

  • Build media report

  • ACT! LDK Getting Started

  • ACT! LDK Help

This guide provides an introduction and overview of the localization process. For more detailed information about any step, see the ACT! LDK Help installed with the LDK. The localization process consists of three stages:  installation of the LDK, translation of resources, and finalization.

Stage One: LDK Installation

In this stage, you:

  1. Install the LDK on the computer you set up.

For system requirements, see "Installing the LDK" in the ACT! LDK Help.

  1. Review the resources you must translate before finalization.

For details, see the "Installation catalog" in the ACT! LDK Help.

Stage Two: Translation

After determining which resources you need to translate, you are ready to begin translation.  You distribute resource files to your translators, which may be in-house personnel or translation vendors. Review the "Introduction" in the ACT! LDK Help for the system requirements for translating different file types.

Stage Three: Finalization

When you receive the translated resources back from your translators, you are ready to begin finalization.  In this stage, you:

  1. Start the LDK Process Manager and open the localization profile.

  2. Review finalization processes in the LDK Process Manager and edit parameters as needed.

  3. Validate the processes.

  4. Run the processes and produce a localized build.

For details on any of these steps, see the Finalization in the ACT! LDK Help.